Harnessing Talent!

Our Mission.

Founded in 2013, Harnessing Talent is a venture that provides a springboard for realizing creative individual talent and ability. We believe that Talent exists in all spheres of creative knowledge and enterprise, and should therefore be used for professional and entrepreneurial growth.

HARNESSING TALENT has been designed to offer short and long term training, retreats and residencies for individuals and groups to engage in apprenticeship activities, access professional networks, as well as for exposure and planning publication of their products.

The main thrust of HARNESSING TALENT is to offer a holistic approach to the process of channeling individual and communal talent through physical and virtual spaces.


Independence day celebrations


 DATE; 8TH October 2016. - Venue: Mpererwe, Namere. - Time:  12pm – 9pm. - Theme:  The Freedom of Painting.

Recent Events.

Thank you for participating on our past events. We appreciated your presence and we enjoyed meeting you. Please come again to our other events. You can also visit us in Namere-Mpererwe.

Laba Festival

Setting Up the Chute.

We had to set up the chute and the the display the night before Laba. And we had fun doing it.

Wow. The CHUTE looked good.
We participated.
We met lots of people.
And we had lots of fun.

Kids Gala

Yes, the Kids came.
The Kids had lots of events and fun.
The big boys joined in.