Allen Nabukenya

Nabukenya Allen is a young multimedia artist with a Bachelors Degree from Kyambogo University, Kampala.  She specialized in Multimedia, Graphics Design and painting. Her main area of interest is crafting using both traditional and contemporary techniques for particular projects.  She recycles industrial materials and uses organic materials in order to preserve and creatively tap into the natural environment.
Generally I used polythene bag materials and plastics with minimal natural materials which include wood, guards and many others....Basically going to be dealing with industrial and conceptual Art..........I have participated in different exhibitions, show casing my work for example, Bayimba Art Festival in Mbale and at National theatre, Garbage collective’s exhibition at Uganda museum, CBS Pewosa and the Kyambogo exhibition.
  I make different projects like Jewelery, Shoes, Umbrellas, Tables and Chairs”. See more here…

Allen Works.

Armor Boots.
Metro Sandals.
Armor back Pack.
Teta Bag.

Allen is a Unique Artist,
So is her Art.....

Her quirky street-wise style is represented in her art works and crafts. She creatively manipulates typical Ugandan industrial materials like polythene bags and recycled tire stripes into the fabrics that make up her products. Allen wishes to break out her unique style into the brand name…Njola.