Independence day celebrations
 DATE; 8TH October 2016
Venue: Mpererwe, Namere.
Time:  12pm – 9pm  
Theme:  The Freedom of Painting.
“Indepaintance” will be a fun, interactive and informative event organized by Harnessing Talent.  The event will help sensitize the invited guests on the simple and do-it-yourself applications of painting. It will also encourage interaction and active participation of the guests on the current and future goals of harnessing talent. The event will engage the guests in different activities supporting the theme of freedom of painting. It will also have guests teaming up to take on tasks that will be provided that day. There will also be fun activities like games, competitions between teams and so many others. All this will be in the spirit of celebrating Uganda at 54. Activities



Entertainment for the day.

There will be a barbecue, drinks and snacks.
Event will close at 9 and there will be a sleepover for those who wish to spend the night.

Benefits  of this event to invited guests. 
It will create Profit networks.
Compliment the guests’ knowledge on Painting.
Encourage guests to practice recycling.


Benefits to harnessing talent.
Publicity through social media.
Partnerships for harnessing talent
Profit networks
Provide a pool of volunteers.