HARNESSING TALENT Mentor-ship Program has been created in response to the growing need and requests from young individuals for additional support, beyond graduation and private practice.

The Mentor-ship Program is designed to support individual talent and professional ambitions of emerging professionals by providing access to the skills and experience of selected local and international mentors. Mentees are either spotted and selected from a pool of applicants or based on their demonstrated commitment to their practice, the clarity and level of ambition outlined in their goals for the program, and the ability of the applicant to utilize the program to its fullest potential.


By investing intensely in a few individuals each year, the program contributes on a wider scale to the overall strength, sustainability and vibrancy of a creative community in Uganda and internationally through;-

Over the three (3) month course of the program, mentors will meet with mentees one-on-one, at least once a month and, additionally once as a group. The mentors may be asked to provide support in any one or more of the following areas:

The Mentor-ship program is tailored to support the needs of selected emerging individual methods, and ambitions; and is shaped by the skills of participating mentors. Its impact depends on participants’ enthusiasm, openness and initiative in the program and their commitment to the development of their Talent.

HARNESSING TALENT Internship Program focuses on fine tuning student’s area of interest, professional discipline, getting a world outlook as they engage with highly professional artists and researchers.


Meet the new Harnessing Talent interns! Aligned with the spirit of creating a space where fresh minds and ideas meet the sharp refined edge of seasoned tutors, we have launched the internship program for young creative artists. Our first interns are everything we hoped for when we made the call. They have participated in our June to August activities and have contributed invaluably to exhibitions, installations and community projects. Now here they are.

Derrick Jeanson KIBEDI
Student at MICHELANGELO School of Art & Design
Major: Textile. “.Would like to explore different mediums and tools..” He has been working with fabrics and paper and has used screens that falls in printing on different fabrics like bazaar, gentleman, linen among others and then tie and dye, painting etc."
Minor: Ceramics. Worked with clay mixed with kaolin making green wares which later fired and finally glazed.

Ronald KINTU
Student at MICHELANGELO School of Art & Design
Major: Sculpture and multimedia
“I want to discover the use of cow hones to make products like flower vases, photo frames, cups, wall hangings, tables, necklaces and ear rings.”

Student at MICHELANGELO School of Art & Design
Major: Ceramics and multi media
She is interested in designing interior decorative work like wall hangings, flower vessels, tables, mirrors among others using materials like clay, papers, wood, metal with other materials appealing in the work but just as decorations.

Student at MICHELANGELO School of Art & Design
Major: GRAPHICS “especially computer graphics, understanding different types of prints and how to use them, learn how to use more tools for designing and the different programs for designing…”
Minor: multi-media. “… I would like to know how to make crafts shoes out of different materials to come up with good designs…”

Student at MICHELANGELO School of Art & Design
Major: Textiles and multi media
She is interested in creating wall hangings, bags and shoes with multi media

imageSolomon OUMA
Student at Makerere University Margret Trowell School of Industrial, Fine Art & Design
Major: Jewelry and Sculpture
He is interested in jewelry, most case rings, kitchen ware, body-ware, masks, shoes, books (sketch books).

Student at Makerere University Margret Trowell School of Industrial, Fine Art & Design

Student at Makerere University Margret Trowell School of Industrial, Fine Art & Design
Major: Sculpture and Jewelry.
Minor: Fashion, painting, graphics.
Has worked with different media in both sculpture, jewelry, used different paints. Painted on walls. Done business cards, logos. Created sculpture and jewelry art pieces from metal, wood, paper, glass, leather and rubber.

imageWashington Emilian OTIM
Student at Nagenda Institute of Art & Design
Major: Sculpture
Would like to discover how to create sculptures in different media like metal, wood and others.

imageWinfrey TWESIME
Student at St.Lawrence University Major: Fashion design, textile and jewelry
She majors in Fashion design especially in fashion accessories.