Laba Festival: 2016


In Uganda’s Baganda culture, the saying "Ogutateganya teguza nvuma", seems to encompass in a fitting descriptive wholeness the project being undertaken by our resident artists. There is no triumph without the struggle. The LABA!’s 2016 street art festival challenge, to create a street art project under the theme “Art is for Everyone” has given us the perfect opportunity to put into practice that ancient saying.
For almost a year and a half, our budding resident artists, Joan Nakigudde, Allen Nabukenya and Tadeo Kasirisimbi have refined their skills and have achieved great recognition for their efforts. They have toiled away at their craft through harsh hours and survived that artist’s burden, “to starve for your art”. Now they get to show Kampala how far they’ve come and how well they done it.
Harnessing Talent is very proud of these freshly minted talents. Perhaps a little more on their project…

The “Larger than Life” project was about making a CHUTE that would be accessible to the public with all kinds of functional objects made from natural and recycled materials to view and prompt discussions towards developments in the recycling industry. The chute-like space made out of “buvera”, metal square tubes, car tire cloth, and plastic curtains exhibited several objects in the forms of shoes, a bag, a box, a couture dress made out of the signature style of the artists. The items were made larger than life but at the same time accessible and entertaining. Each of them called to mind the relevance of managing resources and saving the planet.

Large than Life: Laba Festival 2016

We lived for the moment. We were indeed part of something larger than life……AND IT WAS BEAUTIFUL.

The chute provided a new way of looking at some of the things we as artists get inspired by and, the public, what they use in their households. The whole project was a burst of color, shapes, lines put together to create a spectacular illuminated space for use involvement by anyone who enjoys creativity.

We would like to thank everyone who turned out for the LA BA! Street art festival to support us. We enjoyed the mash of the different elements of art and lifestyle in the live performances, the drum circle, the vendors, the exhibitions and installations. We were inspired by the Salooni, the music and beat and rhythm of Kampala life, the color, the food and drink. We embraced the rain and the sun. We lived for the moment. We were indeed part of something larger than life……AND IT WAS BEAUTIFUL.