Scholars and Artists!

The Harnessing Talent residency for scholars and artists is designed towards providing the space and time for creative enterprise.

Applicants for the residency with projects will be given the opportunity to retreat into this space to foster intensive work in a quiet, conducive environment and the access to the necessary tools and resources.

This residency is self-driven and therefore allows scholars and artists to determine how long they need to stay. The residency accommodates a fellow or groups for periods of 1 month, 3 months to a maximum six months, unless in special circumstances where the resident artist is directly contributing to the development of the program.

We offer two options for the residency:

Part time residency:

Part-time residents will participate in various activities of the program at least 60% of the time, but are not offered accommodation.

Full time residency:

The fellow has full access and is accommodated on site for a 100% period of the residency.

The program aims at helping scholars and artists access professional networks as they develop signature innovations. The facility offers both physical and virtual space so that people can retreat for professional growth.

Application for a Residency:

Application for a residence will be by submission of a project proposal and the filled out application form here. Please contact us for any further information.


Allen Njola Nabukenya

Multimedia, Graphics Design and painting.

Tadeo Kasirisimbi

Sculptor and Ceramist.

Joan Nakigudde

multi-media art, crafts and graphics design.