Youths and Disadvantaged Groups!

HARNESSING TALENT Youth and disadvantaged groups program gives young individuals additional support, beyond graduation from high school or university. The program also takes selections of groups across various, indiscriminate social sections and backgrounds and provides a space whether the participants can find creative support from their peers and specially selected mentors.

Here discussion and interdependency is encouraged especially with the team projects organized by the organization, hosted seminars, workshops, camps and field trips.

You will find that at Harnessing Talent the engagement of youth developed and led ideas and innovations are fiercely supported and promoted through connections with national and international platforms where they can be received and accredited to the creative minds behind them.



This process is greatly random and is based on a case-by-case basis. Harnessing Talent’s Managing Committee retains the rights to make selections based on the youth or disadvantaged group aligned with the program’s current projects, partnerships and sponsors. However any youth or disadvantaged individuals or groups are allowed to apply or write to Harnessing Talent and propose a project.