We are always looking forward to all the support we can get through our Harnessing Talent family, friends and well-wishers. There are so many programs and projects that we carry out on-site, with the community and around the country that are open to your support. Your generous support helps us reach the great undiscovered and untapped creative community in Uganda through workshops, clinics, research, camps, internships and mentorships.


Partner with us on any of the programs or projects that are going on at Harnessing Talent or any project that is related to our mission and vision. Contact us here for further information or visit us at our home.

We are so grateful for the support we have had with our partners in different and inspiring ways. They have given us the opportunity to build a springboard for our artists.


Harnessing Talent has an abundant number of artists, innovators and researchers that come to us seeking a space to experiment, learn, create and share. Help us provide the support they need through procuring materials, accommodation, spaces, out souring and buying equipment, hosting workshops, seminars and exhibitions.

A donation of $1000 caters for a full residency of up to a month to an artist. This covers housing, food, equipment, materials, field research, workshops and exhibitions.

If you would like to support an artist please contact us through our phone number or email for more information on the artists you can support.


Our vision is make communities better by supporting the innovations and ideas of their youth. That is why we work closely with communities and provide them with the support they need to have access to spaces where they can develop and share these ideas as well as the materials, equipment and mentorship to produce quality products and reach a global market. Support our cause by volunteering, donating or mentoring at our workshops, clinics or by providing equipment, books, or any other monetary or material support.


Make a donation by check at our offices at Harnessing Talent, Namere Mpererwe Kampala.

Contact us on our email or telephone number stating your name or organization name, your contacts and specific program or project you would like to support.